Bespoke Signs

As the UK’s leading tactile and Braille sign manufacturer, we are without doubt the right people to turn to when it comes to bespoke signage. We listen carefully, taking on board customer’s specific requirements, before giving the best possible advice, in terms of design, materials and functionality. Once we have identified the type of sign you require, we put all of our creative skills to work and, using our extensive experience in DDA-compliant signage, we create a signage solution for the relevant building or environment.

Outlines below are some examples of bespoke sign products:

Toilet Signs; Door Signs; Braille Strips (can added to existing signage); Wayfinding Signs; Directory Signs; Sign Systems; Entrance Signs; Plaques & much, much, more!

Plastic Signage

Available in a variety of thicknesses, various plastic products are available depending on the application and requirement. Manufactured in a similar way to metal signs, our plastic range not only offers quality and durability but is extremely versatile. Full-colour graphics and logos can be easily incorporated into this particular range of tactile and Braille signs, so, as well as being compliant and giving valuable information where necessary, the signs can adhere to corporate guidelines and branding.

Metal Signage

Durable and stylish metals such as brushed stainless steel and aluminium are manufactured using revolutionary manufacturing techniques which set us apart from our competitors. Raster Braille beads are integrated directly into the metal substrate with extreme precision, before the raised tactile text and pictograms are CNC routed directly to the face of the sign. This range of DDA-compliant signage needs to be seen to be believed and is of a real superior quality.

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