We’re the UK’s leading manufacturer of tactile and Braille signs, meaning we can meet almost any requirement possible when it comes to DDA-compliant signage. We produce high quality sign solutions in both contrasting plastics and metals and at affordable prices, all of which can be custom-made to your specific requirements. For further information on our bespoke signs click here.

All of our products are manufactured in-house with guidance from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to conform with the DDA Act 1995 and more recently so the Equality Act 2010. These government passed legislations clearly state that businesses and organisations make ‘reasonable adjustments’, one of which is providing large, well defined tactile and Braille signage for visually impaired people.

Why tactile and Braille?

As of 2015, over two million people in the UK are living with sight loss. That’s around one person in 30. Of these, around 360,000 people are registered with their local authority as blind or partially sighted and it is predicted that by 2020 the number of people with sight loss will rise to well over 2,250,000.

The use of tactile embossed characters set in a contrasting colour to its background, greatly improves visibility and allows partially sighted persons to visualise signage much easier. Using the substrate and applique manufacturing technique, which is the preferred method of the RNIB, we use the two sets of contrasting materials to create high quality signage for visually impaired users.

The six dots that make up Braille translate into letters of the alphabet, numbers, symbols and common words. Our method of producing Braille is the Raster bead technology and is created as a way of representing text with a series of dots allowing blind and visually impaired people to read with their fingers. Generally, we supply Grade 1 Braille which represents letter for letter and is used for single and shorter worded signs. We can also supply Grade 2 which is an abbreviated form, this is used longer sentenced signs and notices.

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